Christi Pier | Graphic & Interaction Designer | Portfolio
Hi there. My name is Christi Pier and I've been obsessed with the possibilities of the internet since I was 13 (which was quite a few years ago). I became amazed with the way everyone was instantly connected and I've not yet lost that intrigue and inspiration.
Currently, I live in San Francisco, CA. I'm skilled and experienced in designing a product from the initial user research, to wireframes, up to the final pixel perfect interface. I find great satisfaction in delivering something that people enjoy using.
Want to work together? Get in touch! Here is my resume.

Mobile Apps

Samples of iOS interface design

Thrillcall Web Apps

As grew, user experience and interface design was provided for all of their new products and bright ideas. Making things usable and shiny!

Thrillcall Mobile

Thrillcall needed a mobile app and a site to show it off. Here it is!


Work with San Francisco-based Thrillcall over the course of a year+ has involved bringing their brand from early-stage startup to a growing competitor. Sign up and they guarantee you'll never miss another concert! Pretty sweet.

Vodka Rebranding

Craft-distilled vodka. These guys produce one of the best vodkas around, if not the best. Their immediate success upon launch of their first product resulted in a hastily assembled identity. This rebranding instills the quality and beauty found in a bottle of this fine vodka.


A mashup of logos—some for clients, others as explorations or redesigns.

Mini Cooper

In what areas can a Mini campaign improve? That was a tough question but a soft spot was found. Mini markets primarily towards current owners so this campaign targets the other important audience: potential owners.

Hotel Compete

Hotel Compete needed a completely updated brand so that they could look forward to presenting to investors. A shiny new website complete with a blog, a Twitter page, some business cards plus a few other necessities and they are good to go!

Douglas Construction

When we met, Douglas Construction only had a little bit of a logo and beautiful homes to their name. We decided they also needed some stationery, a promotional booklet, some cool t-shirts to work in and a sign on their truck.

Habitat for Humanity

The complexity of the amazing Cinema 4D showcases how simple it is to build an environmentally friendly house for those in need.

Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art website is not among the best, unfortunately. On the bright side, it is ripe for a redesign! Working on a team, we began from the bottom and worked thoroughly through the best user-centered design practices to propose a new design.